Welcome To Our Dogs' House!

Yes, once you are owned by a Bullie, you will understand.

We have belonged to English Bull Terriers since 1999. They are loving, active, demanding, playful and have a grand sense of humor. They require attention and supervision and are not the perfect dog for every person. Bullies have been described as "a three-year-old child in a dog suit," so think on that one for a while to get the full effect.

All Our Dogs And Litters Are AKC Registered

  • Our sires have DNA Profiles
  • Our dogs have championship bloodlines
  • Our girls were chosen for temperament and conformation
  • Our dogs are maintained by certified veterinarians
  • Potential puppy owners are interviewed
  • There is a required ownership agreement
  • There is a health guarantee
  • Full AKC rights to new owners