Before deciding to bring home a new puppy, do the research on the breed that would best fit your lifestyle. Go to some dog shows; visit websites; visit breeders; talk to veterinarians; visit clubs and trainers. There are some resources we recommend here. Dogs are awesome teachers, if you pay attention. Body language, eye contact, tone of "voice" - these things and more, when observed, can tell you so much about a dog and how it views you. Every dog is unique and relates to everybody in its "pack" differently.

If a Tejas Bullie is in your future, we are just as eager to speak with you as you are in bringing home your new family member. Let's talk! Furthermore, advice and support are just an email or phone call away. From the best food, to how to trim those odd toenails (Dremel tool!), our Bullies have taught us well over the years.

A Healthy Dog With Pedigree

  • Every Tejas Bullies litter is registered with the American Kennel Club. We provide new owners with the AKC paperwork to register their dog, in their name, with full rights. We do strongly recommend to buyers of puppies to have them neutered / spayed, unless the puppy is being purchased specifically for breeding or show purposes.
  • Every Tejas Bullies dog and puppy is up to date on vaccinations, worming and heartworm preventative. New owners will receive a Health Certificate for their pup from a licensed, certified veterinarian.
  • Tejas Bullies guarantees puppies to be in perfect health to the best of our knowledge at the time of sale, and/or have fully disclosed any/all known concerns to the purchaser. We can not guarantee size or color upon maturity.
  • The buyer assumes all responsibilities of the puppy, including medical expenses, when the buyer takes possession. The buyer will take the puppy or dog to a veterinarian of their choice within 3 days of possession for examination. The buyer will ensure all first-year shots are completed. Puppies are guaranteed for two years against any genetic disorder.
  • This Guarantee & Agreement document is made available on this site; it is required to be signed by both parties prior to transfer of ownership, and necessary in order for the purchaser to receive their pup's AKC pedigree registration.