When this little face greeted us at the airport in 2007, our hearts immediately melted. It was love at first sight, and Karma immediately figured out how to wiggle her little butt into our lifestyle.
I have been owned by canines all my days, and her intelligence, awareness and ability to communicate is truly profound. Karma is the cornerstone to the foundation of Tejas Bullies; she is what I wish every Bull Terrier could be. She has provided many families with love and companionship from her bright, delightful babies, and now she is Auntie Karma to the next generation, teaching them life lessons before they leave our nest.
Well done, punkin.



Glory's stamina was endless; she was the most healthy, playful, happy girl. O.C.'s favorite daughter grew up to become Sirius' best friend, so when she gave us a litter with Sirius in 2011, all of us were over the moon: Three generations of Tejas Bullies! O.C. was entranced with the pups; the pack rejoiced in her motherhood. Her grown children are still beautiful. When we suddenly lost O.C. nine months later, Glory's grief was immediate and devastating. Within days, our white girl, so full of life and promise, said good-bye and raced over the Rainbow Bridge to be with her father. Somewhere out there, they are watching over us.