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Sorry I took so long to send a photo. As you can see Moon is progressing at his new home. Last week my son visited with his fox terrier and it was 24/7 running. Moon weighs 45 pounds and is feeding on Blue Buffalo puppy food. The family really enjoys our new addition and thanks for bringing him to us.
I'm dictating to you because my father is not tech savvy.
Alex/no neck/Yuri (his new name, due to his heritage) had his first vet check today, and all the information sent is accurate, thank you...He has put on a pound and a half since we picked him up and is acclimating extremely well. We will send pictures with in the next two weeks. He seems to be happy. We will send a picture with him and his entire family in our next picture... I love this dog... hopefully I can get him to be mine instead of my fathers. We look forward to hearing back from you soon!
Happy Holidays,

Hi. Just an update! We renamed her Moonshine and she plays well with our Chihuahua. She also does well with the ferret and the cat. We absolutely love her. She'll be mudding in no time! Thank ya'll so much!
Hi!! How are you?! Derek did get home great. He has been home for about a month now and loving it! Bryndie and him have become the best of friends...Daddy's little girl!! So spoiled!! She is doing great and such a joy to have in our lil family! We take her to puppy training classes and she has done wonderful in those and plays with the other puppies. She is getting big! She is just over 30lbs right now. She has become the center of the show everywhere we go!! People just LOVE her...she is beautiful! And we don't have many bullies around here so it is pretty exciting for people to see "Spuds Makenzie"! hehe. So great to hear from you and I hope the other puppies found great homes! We just love her! I attached some recent pics of her for you to see as well!
Talk to you soon!
Tara, Derek, and Bryndie!

Hello my name is Stephanie. Back in April 2010 my husband Matt and I welcomed our first bully puppy, Tank!
I knew I wanted a bull terrier but didn't know much about the breed or where to find one. So after some research and browsing I found Tank on a pet finder website. I have to admit I was leary of buying a dog on line, so it was very important for me to meet the breeders and see their place in person. Fortunately Tejas Bullies was just a few hours drive from our house in Dallas.
To my relief Elisabeth and Pat were eager to have us down and invited us with no hesitation. Upon our arrival it was clear to see how much they loved their dogs. They gave us the full tour of their property (which is good size) showing us where the dogs were kept and explained how they took care of the puppies and their parents. We were able to meet and interact with both of Tank's parents, which is exactly what I was looking for. We visited for a while and immediately fell in love with our dog. All my fears were laid to rest after talking with Elisabeth and Pat. They took the time to answer all of our questions and showed us all the paper work on their dogs. (registration and vet records) I can't say enough how friendly and caring they both were. We still keep in touch occasionally to this day.
We knew the puppies weren't quite ready to leave their mom so we came back about a month later. It was good sign to me when they didn't feel comfortable letting the dogs go too soon. When we came back they took the time to show us how to fill out the registration papers and had everything ready. Everything was as promised on the website.
We have had Tank for two years now and he has really been the best dog we have ever owned. He has such a great personality and is so friendly. I can't tell you how often we get stopped while going for a walk. People are so intrigued by his good looks.
If you are looking for a great breeder that truly cares and is passionate about bull terriers then I highly recommend Elisabeth and Pat!!!
Stephanie and Matt
Hi Elisabeth,
Just wanted to let you know how pleased we were from start to finish with TejasBullies. You made the process so easy. We were a little hesitant at first to buy a puppy online, but after I spoke to you on the phone and you sent me more pictures we new you had just the right puppy for us. Our little Pippa came right to us at the airport. And she is all bullie! She truely is one of the family. After her obedience training she has been doing very well. Pippa is the center of attention whenever we take her out!
If any of your future families want to contact us with any questions we'd be more than happy to answer. We'll stay in touch and send pictures.
Thanks for everything,
Carmen and Chris

He arrived safely... He and moxie are getting along just fine... Ill send more pics soon! You guys are great!
She is so loved.

I have come to the conclusion that Bull Terriers are not 100% k-9. At some point there has been pig like traits mixed in along with the appearance of thought process, similar to what you witness watching the expression on the face of a Baboons or other primates.
I am intrigued and amazed along with being amused with this "dog" every day!
Thanks again!!
Got a couple pics for you guys! Bear has done fantastic with the pack. He and his girlfriend, Kimba (brindle ears), are nearly inseparable and I suspect they will be best friends for life.
His personality is fantastic. Calm, smart, eager to please and cuddle. Laziest bull terrier pup ever lol. Very easy to socialize, he loves everyone he meets- both 2 and 4 legged. He's also pretty darned handsome! Anyways, I hope everything is going well for you guys and your pack :)
Brittany D.

If I told you we were thrilled with Ella it would be a great understatement. She is the most sweetest dog and a real clown; we bonded within hours. I can't leave the room and she cries for me .She is sleeping with us and won't go to sleep without her own pillow then she puts her head on it like a human and she loves to cuddle. She hasn't had a single potty accident and is going to the door when she needs to go. Everyone who has seen her just loves her. Thanks for selling me such a wonderful pup.
He's doing great. Was very shy when we got home but ever since Monday he's been better and better everyday. He's eating well and doing great during the day using the pads. We couldn't be happier. I never let dogs sleep in the bed....guess who sleeps next to me now lol. Thanks again.

Hello Elisabeth
We wanted to share some pictures of Tonka. He is still a wonderful puppy and is doing well.
This weekend starts his puppy training classes. We just love him so much!
We registered him this week with the AKC.

Just left the vet, puppy is very healthy and everyone just loved him!! We are calling him Rowdy, it fits. We already love him!!! I have him lined up to start training when he turns 3 months old. Hope you and yours are doing well and thanks so much for entrusting us with this precious puppy!!

Lulu and Benny get along great. The cats ignore her and she doesn't chase them. She goes to the door like Benny when she needs to go outside. Not to say when we play we forget and have an accident in the house. She is eating and drinking really well. Barney gets in the highest spot so he doesn't have to deal with her. We are glad to have her. She is a real joy.
She can sit, stay, look and walk on a leash. After the puppy class we are signing up for the intermediate class and train her to be a therapy dog. Our teacher thinks she will be a great hospital dog.
Thank you

He's doing great! He loves being with our cats and dogs. He warmed up to us very quickly, he's been one bucket of joy for our family. He's showed more of his personality within the last 2 weeks he's been here. He will start talking to you and showing his sassy attitude which has been fun for our family. Thanks, for checking up on Riker. We're glad he's part of the family.

I am in love! I can't say thank you enough for him. He is such a handsome boy and a wonderful personality. We will definitely keep you up to date in pictures. And there are a couple of people back home in Tennessee that may be in contact with you about puppies. I hope that it works out for you and them as well. Orrin and I are so so excited for Ragnar to be a part of our family. Again I can not express how grateful we are.
Best wishes for you and family, also all the fur kids too!
We recommend Tejas Bullies English Bull Terriers for three great reasons: First, for the quality and temperament of the dogs. Second, for the experience and knowledge of the breeder. And third for the professionalism of Tejas Bullies as a small business.
We are great lovers of English bull terriers, so when it came time to add another member to the family we knew we wanted a bully. We looked at a lot of dogs, but ultimately chose a Tejas bull terrier. Tejas Bullies have beautiful confirmations, shiny coats and smooth gates. These are definitely show-quality dogs. But what really won us over were their big smiles and nice temperaments. Momma was devoted, all the adults were happy and healthy, and the puppies rambunctious. Orion, our Tejas Bully, has the sweetest, most affectionate personality. He is very loving and well adjusted. These are bull terriers the way they should be: athletic, curious and happy.
We also knew we wanted to support an ethical, professional breeder - one that cares as much for the dogs as we do and promotes the breed responsibly. That's exactly what we got. Tejas Bullies promotes the AKC, screens potential buyers, and tries to ensure each puppy will have a good home. The dogs are well cared for and raised in a family environment. Before we got Orion home he was already exposed to other people and animals. He was also paper trained and learning basic commands like "no". Tejas Bullies has over a decade of experience with the breed and is a great resource for all questions bully-related. Plus they are just plain nice people who love bullies.
Another reason we had such a great experience with Tejas Bullies is that they run a professional, competent small business. The website is well-done and easy to navigate, with lots of pictures of the dogs and puppies. The external ads for the puppies are accurate and well-written. Additionally, Tejas Bullies was very responsive and helpful. They answered our many questions promptly and provided us with lots of information and photos. Everything was handled professionally and delivered as promised, making them so easy to work with. We also received a complete medical history, starter puppy food, and medicine. Tejas Bullies is a well-run small, family business.
We had a great experience with Tejas Bullies and recommend them to anyone looking for a beautiful, loving bull terrier with a happy temperament.
Melinda and Steve Slawson

Everyone was so pleased with the records, documentation and organization in addition to how beautiful Lothar is. Lothar has a clean bill of health and needless to say Charles's Birthday Gift is the best gift EVER...Thanks for EVERYTHING....many pics to come!
Progress notes: what a great little guy - rich in personality - intelligent - curious -- a strange little face -- I have his name now = Levi Murgatroyd - a truly old world English name in the old west =  (straight out of Yorkshire). 
He did fetch with me today - no problem there -- he gets it -- he will come to me in yard when I direct him too -- he showed interest in the treadmill - gave it shot -- he will do fine -- seems to be pretty quick in realizing that he should pee outside -- only one oops in the house -- which was my fault -- but he caught on quick --- steals Enoch's toys and takes them into his kennel --- lol = he settles down very quickly -- once in his run -- no real fuss.  
I think Levi Murgatroyd is a very old soul -- and I find that very helpful -- he is a very sweet boy --  he knows enough to hang near me around Enoch -- although he has pushed it a few times -- but Enoch just let him know to back off - which Levi was very quick on the uptake === that is so cool === some snow is coming here --- I will work indoors with Levi with collar -- leash -- see how that goes to see if I need to move up to a harness - he's a very sensitive guy -- he lets you know if he feels put out -- and so far he's been right ---- so he's also a teacher. 
okay --- your boy is so very easy to love -- thank you. Alan 

She's really mild tempered compared to my male. She's really good with my kids and my male absolutely loves her. I think her favorite part of the day is night time sleeping with me and getting her belly rubbed. I love her so much already, she's perfect.
I love all of the information you have sent. Some stuff we already knew and or have. Not having had a Bully before, I welcome all the information I can get. I'm home most of the time, so
I will be able to devote a great deal of time to getting him settled in. I love it that you are so devoted to the well being of your pups after they leave you. We are so looking forward to meeting this little guy. I've got your list in hand, ready to go shopping for him.

He warmed up to me immediately once we got home he's amazing and I want to thank you for raising him to be people friendly. It has been an absolute pleasure doing business with you and I would recommend anybody looking for a bull terrier to come your way.
Thank you all so much for this amazing little guy! He is the perfect fit for our family. He's adjusting very well and loves to snuggle which is my favorite! Here's a few pics of our time together.

We are so blessed to have found such wonderful breeders in you guys! Thank you for such an awesome experience!

I wanted you to see a new pic of beautiful Harley. She is growing fast and full of energy. 10 days ago she was 20 lbs. She has started obedience training. She goes 2 days a week most of the day, then Ron goes 1 hour a week. She starts her second week of 6 Monday. She is excited to go. She learns very fast. She walks quarter mile twice a day. She does good with the other puppy, Myau, who is only 5lbs!!. House training, she is great with. We still get up at 1:30am to let them potty, then right back to crates and no crying. I could go on for ever telling you stories, they are fun. I'll send you updates soon. I know you are proud of her as we are. She has a beautiful stand. Don't know anything about show dogs, but seems like she is a natural at it. Have a nice weekend.
The last few weeks have been a whirlwind! Jaina (Ziggy) has been such an absolutely delightful little pup! She is incredibly smart and endlessly sweet, we are so in love! She has been accompanying me to the office each day and has been such a joy to my staff as well as the residents. I am absolutely amazed by how well behaved she has been! She is really coming into her own little silly bullie personality and took off running in a full hucklebutt a few nights ago (Aleigha and I just about died of laughter). She is so goofy and cuddly and everything we could ever have hoped for. She definitely takes after her momma, she loves to sing for treats and attention and greets everyone who comes into my office with her lovely voice! I can't tell you enough how thankful we are that you have provided us with such a beautiful and loving companion. We are so excited for the coming weeks and months and can't wait to continue watching her grow! We hope you both are doing well and we look forward to sending you more updates as Ziggy grows!
Kelly & Aleigha

Hi there!!!
Last time we were at the vet, the Vet gave us a number to a Show Dog Trainer which made us feel so proud. Mocha is doing great, she acts just like our past bull terrier, which makes us so happy. That personality, wow!! Lol. She is spoiled rotten, she sleeps in our bed, right in the middle! Training is going well, the entire family is being part of it so that is helpful. Our 10 year old is the strictest with Mocha, she says we need to make sure she is a good dog.
We will do our best to send you more pictures of her!!
Have a great weekend!
Melissa and Martin
I wanted to send new pics of Harley. Now she weighs 32.5 lbs. She is beautiful and a happy dog. We get lots of compliments on her beauty and build. She graduated basic training and now enrolled in next level. She is definitely a bullie. You guys did a great job getting her ready for her forever home. She has been easy to train and adjusts well to new people, dogs and experiences. We just love her! I hope we can bring her to see y'all sometime.

We are just so in love with him. He is the most adorable lil guy and is all Bull for sure...He is so loving and likes to be held and always touch mommy...

Thank you! We all love her so much! She loves love and is just so good!! Truly the best dog we have ever had!!

I just want to say thank you again. Kingston is such an amazing pup and super smart. He is such a perfect fit for our family!
Hi there! Just a quick update on our sweet Sofiya. She has grown so much! She weighed 15.8 lbs when we took her to the vet last Monday and I feel like she's gained even more weight since then. She is rambunctious and full of energy! She is definitely the life of the party everywhere we go. She loves taking long naps at baseball games and track meets. She LOVES to be held!!! She sits like a big girl before eating and she goes to the backdoor whenever she has to potty. She is doing so well! Here are a few pictures of our big girl.

He is growing beautifully. He has learned how to sit and stay. Learned how to release something out of his mouth on command and is so loving. He is 20 pounds and a sweet heart. He and my Rottweiler became best friends. You can also use this pic on your page. We are so happy with him.

Hi Elisabeth, wanted to share with you how many compliments I get about Gunther. Every time he leaves the house we get people stopping us all the time. He is great with other dogs, kids love him. I have had people stop me and and ask just to pet him, then they say thanks he made my day. He is such a gem thanks again for such a great dog.

Fine manners. Knows the word NO. He is truly exceptional! He loves his kennel, which we were surprised! His eyes are much personality... he is perfect and a perfect fit to our family. He is like a child, all over again!! Thanks guys for this wonderful experience! He is everything we wanted!
Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know he's spoiled to death!!! He's smarter then I ever would've expected and the vet is extremely impressed with how smart he is as well!!! We're ALWAYS stopped on our walks with people who have questions about him. Just this morning, I had someone ask for your information because they're so impressed with the way Meatball looks. His stance grabs a lot of people's attention!!!
He is loved like you wouldn't believe!!! He spends the days with the kids and is excited when (we) come home!!! He jumps all over us, and we shower him with love and attention!!! He's beyond anything we would've asked for and he's an AWESOME extension to our family!!! He's a very playful pup!!! And I hope the other pups from his litter are loved and enjoyed as much as we love our Meatball!!! We still can't thank you enough, for gracing us with one of your pups!!!

Thanks so much, he's honestly such a love bug. He's not aggressive at all (after being neutered) but likes to keep to himself in regards to other dogs. Plays fetch, and barges into my room whenever he wants, with his big nose. Will smell and greet who he feels like greeting, others he will just ignore. But he's the mayor of my neighborhood. Often hanging out at fancy restaurants, and lives ... on my couches lol. He's just a really good boy. He doesn't chew any shoes or furniture or dig in the trash. He spends time at my store and greets customers and is somewhat of the mascot now.
Thanks for allowing us to love him and to become our son...We love him.

Tater Tot is a wonderful dog, she has been a little treasure.
Mavericks personality is really starting to come out. He is super adventurous and will do anything to be with the family. And he loves his little sister, Tilly. Casey

Hi! Just wanted to share some Pistachio photos with you.
She’s a hunky 37 lbs as of today and has recently become more snuggly. If our laps are unavailable she falls asleep hugging her food bowl instead
Her best friend is a boxer so she's learning to play on her hind legs.
She's learning so much every day. Can't thank you enough for this perfect addition to the family.
I hope this email finds you doing well. I know it's been a while but just wanted to send along some cute pictures of Queen Pippa. Lol. She's nine and going strong. Still plays like a puppy and loves her rides in the car where she knows how to roll the window down herself.
Happy New Year,

She’s sweet, crazy, loving, stubborn and we can't get enough of her thanks guys!!
Ziggy is, as always, an absolute joy! As she's grown a few years older she has shared with everyone not only her lovely singing voice, but an incredibly intuitive, calm temperament especially with small children and other dogs. She's absolutely amazing and I wanted to thank you again for providing us with a companion with such an outstanding combination of loyalty, love and affection, she's truly perfection.

"Brothers" Photo Courtesy Of Steven And Melinda Slawson